Test water hardness at home with the water hardness test strips from BRITA

Do I have soft or hard water? Does my water have high or low carbonate hardness? We often meet these questions in our everyday lives because high degrees of water hardness can affect the way we prepare our tea, coffee, or meals and influence how we taste our food. If you care about having the best tasting beverages and wish to improve the quality of your meals, then you should test your water hardness!

How do I take a water hardness test?

The quickest and simplest way to test water hardness is with a water hardness test strip. These strips let you know the degree of hardness of the water that comes out of your tap.

To test the hardness of your water, simply dip a test strip in cold water for a few seconds. Once it is removed from the water, the water hardness test strip will change colours and allow you to determine the degree of water hardness.

BRITA filtered water offers a pure flavour experience!

BRITA water filter cartridges reduce both lime content and substances like chlorine, which influence the taste and odour of your water. Best of all, our table water filters not only protect your kitchen appliances from calcification, but also improve the flavour of your coffee, tea, and food.

You’ll be able to taste the way BRITA filters reduce water hardness! Simply by brewing coffee or tea with BRITA filtered water, you can notice immediately that your drinks taste better.

Would you like to test your water hardness? Then order a free BRITA water hardness test kit to determine the quality of your water.

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